Referral Bonus Rewards

Do you reward your current clients for referring new clients to you? Do you want to turn your current clients into your sales force?

This is what KeyRewards client management software can do for you!

Using KeyRewards, you can create a custom referral bonus program and let your clients earn reward credits each time they refer a friend, family member, co-worker or anyone else to your business. By rewarding those who refer new clients to your business, you create incentive for them to do so. In short, your clients will VOLUNTEER to be your sales force!


  • Calculate bonuses from 0 to 10 levels deep
  • Track who referred whom
  • Decide whether and when to award bonuses
  • Set rewards at each level

KeyRewards is both a business management tool and a marketing and promotions tool. You get a lifetime of software and advertising all for a one-time purchase!

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